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    Hi all

    so I have a nice big dragon to paint up...

    I want to build the base up so that it looks like the ship is sinking in a choppy sea.

    What would you folks use for that? Any good tutorials you'd recommend. I have plans to put a few extra characters overboard, and fighting off one or two of these guys, coming out of the sea:

    It's been a while since I sculpted a base so I'm interested to find out if there are some good products on the market to use. I'm in the UK.



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    for water you could use any 2 component clear resin. But as they are pricey you might want to cut the models, so you don't need so much of it (also because most heat up during curing you can't pour too thick layers)

    for the foam/ waves on top: either some product made for it (Vallejo water effects) or some thick clear gloss gel (for example from Golden Acrylics, but any would do)

    bigger waves: you might want to make a form for it, fill it with resin, then after it is cured glue (for example with help from the resin itself) to the base, then just add some uneven surface with the gloss gel/water effects.
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    Check out military modelling tutorials or more specifically naval dioramas. Some of the examples are ridiculously realistic. You will find everything from resin pours to alternative materials such as tissues, white glue and bubble wrap. YouTube has quite a few video tutorials in relation to water dioramas.

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    For speed you can mix thin strips of tissue into a UV curing resin to shape into waves/splashes.
    Vallejo water effects can be used with this concept as well they just take a lot longer to cure.
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