Calculated Cruelty vs Neutrals
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Thread: Calculated Cruelty vs Neutrals

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    Default Calculated Cruelty vs Neutrals

    Just checking if it this is correct. Player A uses 'Calculated Cruelty' on Player B's unit (Cutthroats/Flayed Men, Blackguards, etc). Since they are also a Bolton unit and within Short Range of themselves, they suffer the D3 wounds as well.

    Don't know if this is intentional.

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    There has been no official anwer to that question (hopefully this will be answered here for once).

    Very clear RAW would be yes, the card texts in this (and similar) cards do not specify friendly / enemy.

    Most though play, as if RAI is, that it must be the owner's owned such Unit. (I included play so, until officially clarified).
    This same applies to all cards that specify a specific Unit / character, when playing mirror matches, so it is quite common to happen.

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