Painting my first 3D printed miniatures!
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Thread: Painting my first 3D printed miniatures!

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    Default Painting my first 3D printed miniatures!

    This is my very first 3D printed miniature in which I actually did the printing! I have had to learn a lot about using the resin printer, and these files from the Pirates vs Cthulhu kickstarter were perfect!

    I also try out some more water effects, including adding some color to the waves and splashes!

    You can check it out on the Twitch channel here:

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    Very cool. It's like we are living in the future! See a mini, print it and paint it. Really nicely done.

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    Thanks! It really is a golden age of minis! The nice thing is that I can print the same figure at a larger scale!

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    the printing and the painting are fantastic!

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    Much appreciated! It has really been quite the learning curve on these printers! :-)

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