House Rule - Flayed Men (revisiting the barded heavy cavalry)
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Thread: House Rule - Flayed Men (revisiting the barded heavy cavalry)

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    Default House Rule - Flayed Men (revisiting the barded heavy cavalry)

    This house rule is what we use when an army is lead by an House Bolton commander. I just thought i'd share it in case others would feel like using it.

    It's based on the barded heavy cavalry profile of the Baratheon Champions of the Stag, which is quite similar to what the Flayed Men should/could have been if they were not in the Neutrals faction (i.e. 2+ doesn't really work with Targaryens and Night's Watch as we learned).

    At the very least, it fits the fluff text and unit description much better than the current version. It also fits the visuals of the figures better in our opinion.


    Movement down to 4

    Cost up to 10 (so side B of the unit card is back to original)

    Defense down to 2+

    Vicious is now a constant ability (i.e. not just when charging)

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    I obviously have no rights on the image(s) used.
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