Rob Stark Sup.Positioning vs new charging rules
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Thread: Rob Stark Sup.Positioning vs new charging rules

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    Default Rob Stark Sup.Positioning vs new charging rules

    In 1.5 the rules for clipping have disappeared (thank god)


    Rob stark superior positioning creates an issue.

    The validity for a unit to be charged is checked before actually declaring the charge itself. then at the bottom step states that if you can t close 50 or 100 you go nearest, with a comment in the brackets reminding you that initially there should have been the 50% space.

    Superior positioning is played when a charge is declared (not would be declared), would it make the charge illegal if any of the 3 rules are not met?

    in my opinion

    LOS - the pivot is done after robs card is played so shouldn t be an issue

    Range - not much you can do failed charge for sure

    Clipping - since in the last paragraph it states go nearest to 50 or 100 it should be allowed to clip

    Could be have an official clarification pls
    Triple F.

    Fight F@k Fight

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    I agree. There is no way to deduct what happens with "Superior Positioning" moving the target of Charge so, that it would be illegal.

    It is somewhat simple if the target goes out of reach, then the Charge is done and just goes short. But it gets trickier with scenarios where:
    - There is no legal place for the target to sit.
    - What if the facing which the Charge was supposed to be is moved away from charger? Does the charger still just jump to that facing, even if it hits now different facing? (and what if there is no room anymore in that facing)?

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