Rattleshirt commander being unplayable
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Thread: Rattleshirt commander being unplayable

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    Unhappy Rattleshirt commander being unplayable

    I've racked my brain over and over and tested him a few times, but are there any lists where Rattleshirt is actually playable as a commander let alone good? His attachment is great, but I can't find anyway to make him actually work to any degree and his tactics cards seem like they just jam me up from getting anything good and don't seem to confer near the abilities that other commanders do. I want to play him, but I've not found any reason to.

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    For me, rattleshirt as commander is good in a giant list or a vicious list, cause all tactics cards have the trigger « if it destroyed an enemy rank », giants have the highest probability of destroy a rank with mighty swing, and vicious units with melee attack and especially with the panic test.
    Rattleshirt is playable but it’s right he’s not the best commander compare to harma or weeper, he’s so good as attachment.

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