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Thread: What kind of miniature you would like to see

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    Hello, mini fans

    I'm Emanoel and i work as a 3D Artist, i'm thinking about opening a miniature patreon but i see there's a lot on the market right now and i want to do something different from everyone, so i'm doing a research to see what kind of mini the fans want to see and paint.

    Please help me, i would appreciate a lot, it can be anything like oriental, cyberpunk, medieval, dark fantasy, hot girls, anime, games, you choose.

    Thanks for your time

    Here's my work : https://www.artstation.com/emanoelrart

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    personal 1st: slice of life (modern or medieval, no military)
    2nd: hot girls (done tastefully (there is more than enough minis that go only for the porn factor), realistic or anime aesthetic)
    3rd: some kind of monster don interestingly

    But I'm against patreon because of their policies, so I'd buy a figure if it looks good, but will never go to patreon.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    I'd say Cyberpunk is a hot trend now. There is a lot to explore in that genre.

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