A possible solution to the Direwolf problem
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Thread: A possible solution to the Direwolf problem

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    Default A possible solution to the Direwolf problem

    The 2 biggest balance issues with wolves are that they are a free objective holder (meaning that each wolf frees up another one of your combat units to go fight and hold ground in the middle of the table) and the fact that you can deploy them separately, meaning your opponent is deploying his units while you just deploy wolves, making it insanely easy for you to counter deploy units rock-paper-scissors style.

    My buddy and I have been playing with homebrew rules where you have to deploy the wolves alongside their bond, and they can't hold objectives. Just those two changes have really evened the playing field. I've still found Ghost very useful in the games I've played as Nights Watch and my Stark friend still takes wolves in most game modes, although he doesn't always take 3, which is a good change - any change that increase the variety of lists played seems good to me.

    What do you guys think?

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    Well, Wolves are worth VP via Victory Through Combat, so I think using them to squat on objectives gives *your opponent* opportunity for some free points. And I think the deployment issue is going to vary depending on the faction you’re facing (not going to be as much of an issue with Free Folk, for example) and mode.

    That said, house rules are house rules. If you like the game more that way, more power to ya, I say!
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