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    Decided to take the plunge and post my musings on here. (More like be embarrassed into actually finishing something.) Criticism welcome so long as it’s constructive. I’d rather be pushed into doing better and improving.

    Lately I’ve been alternating between Khorne and Mechanicus. I’ve realised I paint much more prolifically if I have a selection I can paint when the inspiration strikes. I’ll try to post examples of a few things I’m painting the most...otherwise I’ll be up to 50 pages in no time. First up is Belisarius Cawl. His robes are all but finished...just a few more highlights to be pushed then it’s on to the rest of the metals. I like a darker, grungier style when you look at the minis in real life.

    Cawl’s robes are the stock standard GW paint suggestions but I’ve mixed 2 drops of Carroburg Crimson and 1 drop of Nuln Oil rather than straight up Nuln for the shade. Most of my other Mechanicus are painted with the Andrea red set. It’s a little more vibrant than the GW red paints.
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    Something different when I’m tired of GW stuff. Sorry for bad photos.
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    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Rem Eddie Murphy in golden child -HAAAAA!!! I GOT THR KNIFE- now turn on the god damn lights!!!

    HAAAAAAAAAA!!! I knew you had it in you. Your an incredible painter you sly dog!!!! I live it I want more!!! Holy shit you def can paint!!!!

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    Cawl piece is looking great! And dang, that face on the soldier and nice work on the camo pattern!

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    Love the robes on Cawl, and I agree with eki the soldier looks great.
    I for one welcome 50 more pages of this.

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    Thanks Gorb, eki and of course good ole uncle BaM. For those of you who don’t know BaM was the biggest driving force for me to just pick up a paint brush and focus on what works for your own style.

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    I’m blushing -flattery will get you everywhere jo!!!! I’m so glad that helped you that way. I’m absolutely astonished at your work. I def want to see more ... you rock mrs jo!!!

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    Hi there - nice to see you opening up a WIP
    Echoing Gorb, that this soldier is looking really nice. And be sure, uncle BaM will now push you to progress on your projects *harhar* (evil laugh)

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    More pictures please! What you've shown looks awesome so far and I have a feeling you have many cool projects ahead of you

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    Nice work Bullfrog.
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    Thought I’d really outdo myself this time and stick my mini on a white bit of paper to disguise my mess. Started with my Ridgerunner. Initially painted stock standard gee dub colours but I decided to go with turquoise to contrast with red soil. The genestealer icon on the front is my first freehand ever.....Not happy with it but don’t want to paint over it either. So it’s staying and I’m going to chip the bonnet up a lot more. It’s a lesson learned from my armour painting days. There are no mistakes, just potential battle damage opportunities. Might push some highlights a bit further on the roof and bonnet before further chipping. All the little details and metal highlights/chipping still to be done. I’ve left the crew off as they are just base coated as yet.
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    This is gorgeous jo!!’

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    Really great work on this! Love that teal color it really shows off the rust!

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    I agree with Gorb. The colors on this are fantastic! The weathering looks sharp to my eyes as well. I look forward to seeing more progress!

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