First project made public.
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Thread: First project made public.

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    Default First project made public.

    Hi guys! Have finally made myself to join the forums and post something public. Have finished keeper of secrets and would like to know your opinion on points to be improved and worked on. So the model have been done in brush, oils and details in acrylics.

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    Wowzers! Share more. Very nice.

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Thank you Tiki. Will definitely post more here and shall keep this thread for WIPs and final photos. As for now, I have opened the beautiful world of oil colors for myself and ease of use them with good results and now exploring. Still though from the week points is NMM, as I find it really hard on planning of shadows and highlights for proper and eye catching looks. Due to the nature of work I have limited access to minis, but some nice bits are left from KoS kit and will make some training on them, after I shall post it here for critics of local artists.

    As of current wip: Tervigon, WH40k universe and finished Sanctus of genestealer cult
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    And Sanctus as mentioned earlier
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    The keeper looks awesome, welcome to the forum.
    I'd love to see more wips from people who use oils (to actually paint, instead of just wash )

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    The dark muted tones of Sanctus works well but the Keeper of Secrets certainly is the way to blast onto the WIP forum. Welcome.

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    Gorb thank you! KoS is a first attempt to directly paint with oils after priming. Previously used oils only as filter. Tervigon for example is also in oil, but carapace is painted after priming directly and flesh sack is more filtered with some attempts to make details with oils. Currently still struggling with some fine lines to do, as not used to oil paints.

    Bullfrog thank you! Intention with Sanctus was to make as he is usually staying in shadows, some OSL and blue tones I think would make it better to stand out, but were short on time due to procrastination and had to do some shortcuts.
    and thank you for remark about KoS, it is mine best paint job for the moment.

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    Keeper is very impressive, shows off a lot of technique. If I were to make a suggestion, I’d say that you’ve put the viewer’s attention on the chest rather than on the face. I’d like to see you use the same lighting tricks to direct the eye to the most important elements on the model. As I said, though, the model looks great and you should be very proud.

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    SaintToad, fully agree with you that here focus is going on torso. Well not only on torso, made lighting on base to bright and hard to focus. Torso was chosen for more sinister look, as at least imagined when the villain head and face is more in a shadow. But with next models will try my best to avoid this mistakes.

    So I’m out of models, funny as it is, in the middle of nowhere so decided to do some exercises with nmm and got to an dead end. Trying to make the shield in nmm reflective steel and gold, and results are not what have expected. Would appreciate some tips where to improve.
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    Personally I think the shield looks great, it could do with a lot more contrast and smoothing of the blends.

    The only part that looks kinda weird to me are the mixed reflections on (what I presume to be) the bottom of the shield, the side where your thumb is.
    If this is a highly polished mirror-like finish, I'd expect the lower half of the steel to only reflect the earthy tones, but if it was a brushed finish, then it should be all "steel color".

    Anyways, just my $0.02.
    Someone with more experience (cough Hairster, AndyG, Lone Lemming cough) should be able to give you some much better advice.

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    Nice work on the Tervigon! Your practice shield is looking really cool as well

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    Thanks guys for the tips! So worked little bit more and now more happy with the outcome. Reworked some shadows and highlights, now bottom part need to do. And some note to my self - proper reflections do matter and always try to find reference.
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    Nice work! i'm having a crack at nmm myself at the moment, I'm finding that once i have a reflection pattern im happy with i just ramp up the contrast and then some

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    Thanx guys!

    So finally for now got some time and this time went with faces. Very happy with the outcome and got hand more used to acrylics.
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    Finally got hands on that pile of shame minis. Done some progress on broodlord and have tried to do him using stippling and dry brush techniques, quite satisfied with the results. Just base left to go and he will be battle ready for field tests. Name:  F96F0219-0041-46E4-8531-2D38BB4C5CB5.jpeg
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    The broodlord looks great! Some great sharp claws he's got there, plus that transition on his back from the blue steel to the gory red is awesome.

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    Gorb thanx for comment. Decided to try some new techniques with him.
    so next series of posts will be more for me to find some wip pics.
    finally have decided to participate in next competition, and it’ll be slanesh exalted chariot. Started with herald (or who it is) and get satisfied with results, some details and possible to go on the next rider.
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    Name:  6D7CB3C0-041A-4E8A-A43C-A0B174CA2A09.jpeg
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Size:  343.8 KBName:  D8AE3225-259F-4D42-9B40-1AEA9C5E242D.jpeg
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Size:  290.9 KBAnd slaanesh demons coming along nicely. Really happy with the results. Still though nmm is not as were planned to be.
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    Wow, that dragon looks amazing. Great start on the rider too.

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