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    Cortnay Penrose NCU effect refers to Tactics Zone. I guess literally it should mean Tactics Zone, but in all other cards this kind of wording include Tactics Zone Symbol (envelope) instead of name.
    Should it be literal Tactics Zone or Zone of the Tactics Board?

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    Instead of “a Tactics Zone,” read as “any Tactics Zone.” So anytime the unit Cortnay is influencing is targeted by any Zone on the Tactics board, the effect can be triggered.
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    Tactics Zones refers to any zone on the Tactics Board, the Envelope is a specific Tactics Zone.

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    According to Rulebook, P19, Tactics zone is very specific zone. Envelope is only an icon, not name.
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    Also, when card refers to any zone of the tactics board, it is clearly written that way:
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    I can see the confusion but this is simply a case of inconsistent wording/language.

    Some NCUs such as Roose Bolton state "when you claim a zone on the Tactics Board..." while others (such as Courtney and Axell Florent) state "when you claim a Tactics Zone...". They both mean the same thing, which is that you can claim any zone.

    If the actual Tactics Zone itself (the one with the envelope symbol) needs to be claimed it will show the symbol on the card, as is the case with Shyra Errol:

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    Also adding some support in the interpretation. The card says "a tactics zone"... Which means any zone on the board. If the card said "the tactics zone" then I would interpret that as the envelope.

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