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    Hello Together,

    after i stumbled across this wonderful forum and spend a little time on it with reading, i wanted to start my own WIP.

    To my person: I builded some tanks and other military stuff about ten years ago, then paused. Due the Lockdown i just rediscovered this beatiful hobby, and decided to give painting miniatures a try. I'm from germany (but live in the netherlands right now), about 35 years old, and i think my biggest hobby is painting minis right now

    I just finished this Spacemarine, it's the first miniature after getting back into the hobby which i finished. I painted two or three miniatures before, for exercising basecoating, highlighting and stuff like that, but i didnt finished them.

    I used Army Painter Paints for it, except the gold (Vallejo). I'm very happy with it, except with the face - it's very overpainted, i think - but the weapon surprised me myself

    The next project is "Spiker" from Warhammer's "Gobbapalooza". I have just started with it, and will make some pictures of it's process soon to show it here with some descriptions of the process itselfs.

    Looking for a good time here!

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    Welcome to the forum Razlo!
    Very nice work, very clean!
    The face is also very cleanly painted, the eyes are nice and crisp.

    If you are open to some comments:

    I think the skin color could use some work, maybe. Just a thought, but it looks a bit too yellowish to me.
    Maybe use the base / darker color that you used to highlight (instead of the yellowish hue), just lighten it with a bit of white.
    The only other thing I could find was the bit of metallic on the back of his left shoulder pauldron. And the aquila seems to have leaked some paint onto the chest, but only in some places.

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    welcome! Nice job on the marine. That’s a real nice place to start on your painting journey.

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    @gorb: thank you! And yes, i set too much highlight colour on the face. Next time i will try it like you said, and be much more sparingly with the highlights. So i hope it wouldn´t look like an sick or undead spacemarine I'm also going to fix the little mistakes with the gold. At the beginning i wanted to paint the shoulderpad in gold, but i decided to not do it and forgot about this little brushstroke xD

    @SaintToad: thank you,too! i hope the journey will bring a lot of fun

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    Welcome to the forums and nice work on the space marine

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    Welcome Razlo,

    Your space marine is definitely a solid start to the hobby. My favourite part would have to be the helmet. If you are unhappy with the face you don’t necessarily have to repaint it. Any flesh wash on the market applied sparingly to all but the sharpest highlights can help. If you don’t pool it on you won’t be left with unsightly tide marks. Or any darker flesh paint diluted to the consistency of water will do.

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