75mm or 1/25 fail to fail to Finish
Here is my very first attempt on doing (producing) a Mini. THOR (my second is Judge Dredd) I didn't trust myself so I did get the casting Job "out of house" Couldn't be wronger. First, of course I Think Mini. I think Metal (forgive me, but I'm from the 1/6 section, so no experience at all) First Things First. What should he look like?
Name:  412830405.jpg
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Ok, lets go. After some ups and down, a lot downs , here is the Man.

Name:  414448736.jpg
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Yup, nice, so just to send all the tiny parts to Berlin (Germany) (my Metalcaster) and be Happy... Of course, it wasn't so easy.

Name:  414448744.jpg
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The Body seems to big for Metal! The Cape impossible to cast. Of course the original Parts where always destroyed in moldmaking process. Just to keep it funny After a lot of Money burned.. there was no other solution , well for me, to keep the very small parts, and recast the "bigger" parts in Resin. Ha ! never did such small things, so again, go to a caster (Paris/France) a so called Professional They promise a lot, keep nothing, the casting took over a year, and they wheren't capable of doing the Cape. The Quality of the Body.. well some seamlines, but not to hard, anyway I had to do with it. How was the situation: I had a Mini Kit, with all Parts in Metal. Here you can see also some of the Metall parts from Dredd.(my second attempt)

Name:  414448739.jpg
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and the Body in Resin, but no Cape! What could I do? Here we have a saying : Your never served as good as by yourself. So I try the Cape. and got it. Now there are Metal Parts, Blue Body, and a grey Cape.

Name:  414448746.jpg
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Finally, 2 Years later, I send the God of Thunder to a Master Painter (Ivan pintor de Miniatures) , who keep him for over a year... When it Starts bad, it will go on until the End.

Name:  414448737.jpg
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Name:  414448738.jpg
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He like the Quality. And painted this eccentric God! It (pics) looks marvelous (still don't have him in Hands) the Final result:

Name:  414448740.jpg
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So, this was the experience of my very first Miniature Kit, a long way. Hope my bad english didn't disturb you to much, and you always understand what I was trying to say.
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