Hi Guys, this is my second Mini. I admit, to small for me. So a Master Painter (Ivan pintor de Miniatures) did the Paint Job for me. The Figure is in 1/24 or 75mm. First I tought "classic" and made some pieces of white Metall. This I didnt made myself, but anyway it turned out to a Mess. After the Original was destroyed. I restart and made everything out resin. First time for me with such small pieces (doing it the same Time as Mighty God of Thunder) . But it turn out great (my opinion, well) After a fiasco with my little Thor, where the Pieces was made in France for me, I tough about leaving (not yet arrived) the Minis.
Doing all, except paint,by myself

Some WIP Pics and some Finish Pics. What do you think about it?
This is/was the Judge all in Metall, Pff, just scrap,
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BUT I could save some pieces that came out well,here you see the Shoulder Pads, Holster and some Thor Pieces

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And now when selling this Mini, I give the Resin Kit plus some Metal pieces, so the Builder can choose what to use . The Resin pieces are verry well, but its not me to "Judge" this.

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Really small, for someone used to built in 1/6

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So I made a parcel and send everything to Perou, so a Master Painter could paint it for me. Big Words... etc.
The Result on the Pics are verry nice, but the 40 Days for painting become now over 500 Days....
So the Story is still not at Happy End. Still have just a few Pics, not the Figure in Hands.

Its one of my first Minis, and so I not sure about the Price, but think 38 Euro, Shipping inklude for EU, USA, UK and Canada will be OK. It will be a lost anyway, because of all the (learning) Mistrakes, and all whats going bad...

But here you see the WIPS
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And finally the finish Kit.

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Some thoughts about Judge Dredd. I use a Big Massiv representation of him, not so the typical skinny Man. Hes life is just Fighting, so he can't be a malnourished Guy
Some Friends says the Holster on the Leg is too big, but the Lawgiver has to fit in it, no?
BTW the Holster is cast apart, so you can chose if you use it or not.
What do with the metalparts? Well I will ad some to every Kit, so the Builder can chose between Resin and Metal. I will NEVER again doing things in Metal, so I don't need the material for the next.

The price is 38 Euro shipping include to Europe. Limited to 49 Pieces. This only Fan Art. No re-edition, no variant or what else will be done. there will be MAYBE a Bust (1/9) and a Full Figure in 1/6. But that will take a lot of Resin. He is Massive.
Curious on your Feedback.
Keep building Model Kits, Avoid Recasters
Greetings from Luxembourg/Europe