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    Hello everyone! Got a new lease of life for miniatures, so really enjoying the process lately.

    Here are a few pics of a little diorama Im busy working on. Thanks for looking!

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    Nice job and that dio base you made looks great!

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    Welcome to the hobby and this place!
    Nice start on your dio project :-)

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    Welcome. The diorama looks promizing. Looking forward to see more of it.

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    Thank you very much everyone!
    A little more freehand work for a 2nd diorama.. Im not 100% sure about the marine helmet though
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    I think the freehand over all is really good. The way you have it "V" looks kind of weird, and I think it is if you look at the new Primaris figures, while it does have the "v" notch there, the ends are squared instead of coming to a point. Also, I think it is more the angle it looks like it is portraying than anything actually wrong with it. It seems to me that the eyes are face forward and the grill part is forward of the eyes instead of being flat with them. But that is just my opinion and others may see it differently.

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    Done a bit more work today toning everything down and setting up some features.
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Very nice work here, I love the freehand on the diorama bases, and the miniatures themselves look good, just need more photos

    My $0.02: Personally I like the freehand space marine helmet you painted. I think people forget sometimes that for a piece of freehand to look like "part of the scene" sometimes means
    it should *not* look like a perfect 3d rendering, but more like something that someone in that universe would have painted.
    So the stylised look of the helmet is pretty bloody great, if you ask me.

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    Thank you for all the comments, really appreciate it.

    Latest on the workbench is a Smeagol bust, must say Im really having fun with this one.
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    Spectacular work on that Smeagol bust! Eyes look amazing and is that free-hand hair or sculpted on the figure?

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    Thank you very much! Yes the hair is sculpted.
    Here is a few quick update pics, need to do the details then make a start on the base.

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    Great OSL. Is it inspired by the last scene?

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    Excellent work on the eyes. You captured the madness of this character!

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    Got into some sculpting today, not sure where Im going with this... and ideas that could help?
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    Do the Bird King from the Flash Gordon movie

    Nice work on those wings!

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