3D printable Sci-Fi Terrain Set: Ordus Station [Kickstarter]
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Thread: 3D printable Sci-Fi Terrain Set: Ordus Station [Kickstarter]

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    Default 3D printable Sci-Fi Terrain Set: Ordus Station [Kickstarter]

    Hey folks!

    We're in the final stages of setting up our kickstarter campaign for our new scifi terrain set. Ordus station features modular structures and accessories for 28-32mm games.

    Please see more at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects.../ordus-station

    The stretch goals have been unlocking fast! Below are some highlights of what's now included in the Terraform Team (all in) tier.


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    Just a quick update on this project - We're smashing stretch goals and have announced the first bonus stretch goal...

    The dice tower and signage set will be added to the Terraform Team (all in) tier, but we also have more exciting things ahead! The dice tower has removable rooftop and catchment tray whilst the signage can be used with your mobile phone, and includes video to use. Below is an example of how they can be used.

    We’ve also shared another example of how the modular interiors can be set-up.

    More info at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saucermenstudios/ordus-stationORDUS STATION: Kickstarter Page

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    Thank you for sharing, beautiful work!!!

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