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    Hey, folks.

    Personally I would have expected that mini to be 9+, but I may be heavily biased of course. What do you think made the score to be lower and what should I improve on?


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    Congratulations, you had a sniper.
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    Oh, not again...

    However, about the miniature itself? Any recommendation?

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    sniper gone, I'd also give 9 or 10 to this mini.
    About the mini: nothing really. Transitions are nice, highlights are believably placed. Contrast is also ok. There is very little to none that could be done for a squad/army (or even just the mini itself) painting.

    If it were display one mini only, then the concept (to show a little story) and base (bigger, more striking) could be improved, but then again at that point were go more into the vignette/diorama territory.
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    Alright, thanks. It's going to be a full squad and then the base for them all might be a bit more interesting.

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    And down from 9.2(9.0) to 9.0(8.7) in a single vote. Seems like sniping just never ends. Even registered users doing it. ...*sigh*...

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    I thought this was fantastic and voted accordingly (10) The edge highlights on the helmet might be a bit abrupt for some people’s taste. But forget the snipers, your eldar are excellent to scarily good

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    Can you explain a little more about what exactly is abrupt? Are they too thick or the colour too bright?

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