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    I did not see any other threads about this. I have a few questions about Anvil. His special ability is that when he acquires a coin during a kill he may place it on a non-magic attack card to anyone in his guild and give it "these cards roll +1 die".

    1) If he places a coin on a card like the parrying blade, it will go from 2 attack dice to 3, but will the benefit of "+1 defense die" increase to +2 defense dice? I assume it only gives a bonus when rolling for attack, but the wording could be interpreted more broadly.

    2) Do the upgrades stay between campaign episodes?

    3) If they do not stay,
    do all the coins placed on weapons return to the spending pool during the upgrade phase.

    Is there an official errata on the heroes?

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    1) thats a good quetion, because it doesn't explicitely say "on attacks" however defense on an upgrade card is more like a buff than a dice roll from the card itself, so I would assume the +1 dice only applies to when you are actively using the card (and not its permanent buffs) so that only applies to when attacking.

    2) its not specified so probably just needs to be house ruled. If seeking realism, I would assume that a coin spent on an upgrade is gone when it comes to spending, and an upgraded item can't revert. but the mechanics of the game certainly allow for any interpretation. like maybe the coins just go into the spending pool with all other coin tokens, and items have to be upgraded again next game. I certainly wouldn't play it where you can both spend a coin on an buffing an upgrade and then also spend it on gear in the upgrade purchasing phase. (but maybe everyone is fine with that interpretation too?)

    3) if they do not stay i would certainly allow them to be spent on loot.

    there is specific call outs in the FAQ for some heroes, but certainly not all of them.

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