To CMON Game Developers,

As a fan of CMON games post Rum & Bones Second Tide, I didn’t realize there was such an interesting board game until now. I observe that CMON has started working with Intellectual properties such as Marvel, Bloodborne for example. I would love to see CMON work with Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece IP, and in my opinion, its perfect theme to fit with a new version of the Rum & Bones board game concept.

After searching around for One Piece, board games, I think the field is lacking in good games. With CMON’s excellent miniatures and accessible game play concepts, to me it’s a win win. By they way, One Piece fans are global and are crazy about Once Piece Merchandise.

One Piece manga has been in print since 1997, which such a huge cast of characters and stories… its perfect for a giant Kickstarter and sprawling expansion add ons.
Fingers crossed, I’ll keep dreaming