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    For someone who plays this game as much for the miniatures, as for the game itself, I really hope CMON creates some units of a more generic nature to be able to represent the houses that did not make the game or custom houses. Say generic knights without heraldry and with banners without heraldry. Light and heavy cavalry, light, medium and heavy infantry, bowmen and crossbowmen etc. Do you think that would upset the balance of the game? Would you buy those units? I personally would love it for the customisation and being able to make custom armies, to an extent. Wonder what you guys think!

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    I mentioned an idea similar to this back in June 2019 under the "New units for Existing Factions" thread. I still think its a great idea as the possibilities for army customization could be vast. Westeros is such a detailed setting and to miss out on what the minor houses could offer each faction would be heart-felt. I also realize the massive undertaking it would be for CMON to bring this idea to light as the minor houses number in the hundreds.

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    Count me in for this idea!

    On possibility could also be that "Minor Houses" are shipped with maybe three or four unit cards, which the player chose one before the game, and then that is the minor house's stats and abilities. That could make them more flexible in allowing the player to pick what they want from this minor house. The basic idea is thus that the official house stuff, like Lannister cavalry, Stag Knights and so on, will have a fixed card but more powerful effects while minor houses have several options to be chosen to a game but these are generally weaker.

    Or even have an app where we can design our own unit cards for our games, subjected to the opponent's approval of course, and so allow us to add both houses not currently in the game and, if I would be so bold, to allow a small degree of DIY oppertunities for modelling and conversion. Yes, I know that fan creation isn't seen as positive in the Westeros fandom but I feel that I should mention it anyway to get it out of my system.

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    Yes, I've been thinking along similar lines. Nearly all the units in the game so far are elite units with special abilities. But in historical times, most medieval-type armies also had large numbers of levies of poorly trained, poorly armed, and poorly disciplined infantry. I'd like to see some options for those. No special abilities and quite cheap point-wise. CMON wouldn't even have to make separate ones for each house. They'd be generic enough anyone could use them.
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    Or... all of you could use one of the existing houses and not use the "special" units. Call it whatever bannermen you want to represent and you would be totally legit even in tournament play.

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    Main problem are the sigils. It looks weird if Marbrand troops have lions om their shield and banners.

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