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Thread: Coming back to the forums after a break.

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    Thanks all for your nice words!! Y'all very kind!!

    @equipage, i am surprising myself with the skin so far, usually i would be scared of doing the skin and leave it for the end after having brought all the other details to a mere completion.That was putting so much pressure on me to perform a nice skin to match the rest that it was almost certain to end up in frustration and disaster. This time i just told myself that i should begin with the skin and try to bring it to a mid level and not push it more until i have all of the other details to the save level. That way i have no stress of making mistakes or going over other details since every details as still some work to be done on them. Never again will i push a detail to the end before having brought all the other details to a certain stage. The lacquer metallic paint i use is Mr Hobby "Super metallic" Plate silver. Unfortunately it as been discontinued and replaced with a new version called "Plate Silver Next" if you want my opinion i think it's crap, not even close to old Plate Silver. But don't worry i raided the internet and found the very last stash and i bough them all and have a life time supply (i hope) These paints are meant to be use with a air brush on model planes or something, using them with a brush is tricky.

    @gorb, first i want you to know that you helped me realised that something was profoundly wrong with the way i was feeling towards my work and the hobby in general. That was before COVID storm and since then my life changed 180 degrees. I lost my job of 11 years with all my benefits and got stuck at home with a lot of time to think, i almost quit the hobby all together because i realised i had no fun anymore and don't think i ever had fun for many years. I put everything aside for a few months and before i put my stuff away for good i gave myself a chance to start with a fresh mindset. So far so good i am knocking on wood. The only thing that mathers now is i must enjoy the hobby no matter what i do.

    @Toad, yeah my technique as evolved a lot, going from drybrush to stippling. I will try to find some examples of my old work to compare.
    The trick with lacquer paints is to try to remove the max excess of lacquer in the brush and leave the max of paint, by using a paper towel i gently press my brush on the paper so the paper can suck out the excess lacquer "thinner" out of the brush first, even then therw is still a lot of lacquer in the brush. In any cases you CANNOT leave to much paint in the brush it will ruin everything, lacquer paints runs like a river! It will go everywhere in the cracks/shades of you details.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you lost your job, that sucks
    But I'm happy for you, that you are enjoying the hobby again, that you gave yourself a chance to have another go at this. I think I've said it before, but you have some awesome painting skill and the obsessive attention to detail that is required to excel at this.
    Keep going strong!

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    Thanks Chris! I appreciate your support!! Yeah unfortunately the industry that i work in got hit really hard with the global pandemic.
    Miniature painting wise i was starting to really get down at home since the massive lay off of my company so i really started to think and tried to find out why i could not enjoy my hobby anymore. I came up with a few answers and now just trying to see how it will go.

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    Glad to see you posting again! Bust looks good so far. I hear you on the "-Vid" changing literally everything, I haven't worked since March (Convention Industry) and won't be 'till next year sometime. It has left me a whole lot of paint time, can be hard to keep my head in the right place though. EDIT: Good choice on the hair color.

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    That’s my Mann. That’s boy show em what you got -my right arm and left shield returns !!!

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    Lo e how the model is progressing. Wasn't expecting the magenta hair, but it goes really will with the rest of the colors. A good contrast with the green of the symbol on her forehead and eyes.

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    Thanks all!!

    @Flaming tiki, i can imagine we are not alone losing our job this crazy year... I can't wish more than to be able to attend a convention like GDor something, my last big one was more than 20 years ago.. probably not 2021, we we still be in COVID I think, 2022 i aim!!

    @BAM, back to the roots, it's here that it all started !

    @Guawol, now that you mention it let me elaborate, those 2 colors are my gate, all of my pallet is in between those 2 colors on the hot side of the color wheel. The bright magenta is just the light and saturated version of this color, the darker and more desaturated is used in the shades of parts of the miniature, in the skin in the leather there is even some in the metals too. The skin is just s golden yellow shaded with dark brows and dark magenta. So everything between the skin and eye+glow (yellow and yellow/green) and hair (magenta) is compressed on the hot side with yellow/oranges, beiges, brows, reds etc Nothing on the colder side of magenta and yellow/green.

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    Camera shot for a change, still tidy up the skin, i should hit the face soon.

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    This is in a word ...ok so it’s too damn good for one word so I’ll describe it in two hauntingly wicked

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    Thanks mucho guys!

    I am almost ready to start tidy up the face, i need to touch up the metals first.

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    Looks like metal , good work
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    She is, at the same time sexy and disgusting. Great work.

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    That metal is awesome. And the texture on the cloth looks great too.

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    Many thanks guy!

    Quick teaser, i will be back later with camera shots!

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    Preview of Aradia

    I still need to do a few adjustments on the model and in photography but essentially here she is:

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