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Thread: Coming back to the forums after a break.

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    Congrats mate she’s beautiful. The sculpt really fits your style as well. Lots more of this please dude xx

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    Thanks so much all, for those who have a Putty&Paint account and wants to give her a vote here is the link, Thanks!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter0015 View Post
    Beautiful colors and stunning freehand. Well done!
    Thanks Dexter, I am really happy you like her!

    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    Simply stunning - all that hard work & effort paid off. The highlights on the wings are spectacular, and the subtle work on the face is great. Well done!
    Thanks Chris!! Once I found the trick with the sponge tool the wings where not so bad to do, it's the skin that I am surprised of the result, first time I use a stippling technique for skin and I had no ideas where the hell I was going with this!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darthmarsh View Post
    Congrats mate she’s beautiful. The sculpt really fits your style as well. Lots more of this please dude xx
    Thanks mate!! OK just for you I will keep doing big scale female busts

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalasmedium View Post

    thanks mate!! Ok just for you i will keep doing big scale female busts :d


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    You killed it JOC!!!

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    Thanks guys!

    What's new? I ditched instagram for now, will only be posting rarely, only my finished projects or so. Honestly i am really tired to try to keep up with all of that. I am keeping the forums here and will be pretty much it.

    For Tim I started this gal, it will be straight forward, zombie skin, glowing eyes, metallic wings and tinny freehand. The usual!

    Name:  20210315_195309.jpg
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    Yaaaayaaaa my man is back!!!!

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    Hehe John

    I started on the face, i usually place the pupil dead center but this time i did them on the side, tell me what you think guys, does it look weird?

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    I’m going to play the prophet and say-WHHHOOOOAAA THIS WILL BE YOUR GREATEST ACHIVEMENT.

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    Thanks bro!

    I am redoing the eyes finaly.

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    Wow that’s precision !!!

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    Thanks bro!


    Bit more work in the face, the eyelashes where not sculpted evenly, i had to freehand my way out of it, corrected the gaze as well.

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    Looking good Jocelyn! The eyes / eyelashes are awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the figure.

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    Those eyes and eye lashes look stunning!

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    Hypnotic mesmerizing and intriguing.

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    Great work on these eyes - makes me hungry for more :-D

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    Like my camarads, I'm hypnotized by those eyes. Brilliant.

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    Nice work dude, I did actually like the gaze off to one side but I think it was the right choice to move the attention forward. The eyelashes are insane

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    Wow many thanks all! It's unanimous for the eyes! They are not even finished...

    Meanwhile i can only give you a peek of what i am doing with the other piece.

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