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    Question NW Othell YARWYCK commander

    Hi all

    I played Othell YARWICK yesterday for my 6th game with the NW and have the impression I cheated my partner.

    I attacked him with my Xbows or Sworn Brothers already engaged and used "Mighty Enhancement", rerolling every dice i did not like, looking for 6 sometimes and rerolling 1/2/3.
    After that, I played YARWICK on the tactical board and grabbed back my "Mighty Enhancement" card, allowing me to use it again on the same turn.
    Is it really possible? If so it nearly seems cheated even if i cannot complain
    Thx for the answer.

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    Short answer: yes, I believe you played a couple things incorrectly here.

    Long answer: Let me restate to make certain I'm understanding the sequence correctly.

    1. You activate a combat unit and declare an Attack action.
    2. You play "Mighty Enhancement," since you have not yet rolled your Attack dice.
    3. You roll Attack dice.
    4. You re-roll Attack dice you don't like in order to get hits and, even better, rolling 6s for Critical Blow.

    All this is perfect. However, you note that you then activated Othell Yarwyk's NCU in order to use his "Hand of the First Builder" ability. There are three reasons this is illegal:

    1. Othell's "Hand of the First Builder" ability triggers when he claims a zone on the Tactics board, meaning that the turn of combat unit making the attack is over. You cannot retrieve Mighty Enhancement and play it on the same turn, since the turn is already over.
    2. Even if you had two "Might Enhancement" tactics cards in your hand, you cannot play one after the other in the same turn. The trigger for the card is "Before Attack dice are rolled" and you have already rolled dice.
    3. A die may only be re-rolled once by each player per phase of the attack (rulebook, pg. 22).

    Hope that helps.
    "I did warn you not to trust me." -Littlefinger

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    Hello SerBaelish

    Thx for your long answer and sorry for my poor explanation. In fact :
    T1: I play Mighty
    T2: the Snow Gispies of my buddy play their turn
    T3: I play Othell and retrieve Mighty
    T4 : FF
    T5 : Attack with Mighty.
    T6: FF
    T7 : Second Mighty.

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    Sorry, what’s FF?
    "I did warn you not to trust me." -Littlefinger

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    Sorry, my bad again
    Free Folk

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    No worries!

    Did you begin the round with two Mighty Enhancements in your hand? If so, this is perfectly legal.

    If not, you should not have been able to play Mighty again on T7, as it could not be retrieved again once it had been used the second time, as you have already activated Othell.
    "I did warn you not to trust me." -Littlefinger

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    Yes, i got both of them on the first turn with the Letter.
    Thx for your answer.

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