Selling an old golden demon winner
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Thread: Selling an old golden demon winner

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    Hi all,
    Back in 1995 I paid a friend to paint my GW epic imperator titan. He was quite pleased how it turned out and asked to enter it into golden demon and it won the titan category. Its sat in a box for a long while so Ive wondered if its worth selling. Only problem is Ive no idea how you value such things, perhaps a bit dated now. Any suggestions?
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    That’s a classic paint scheme for sure.
    ok so the considerations to take into account;-
    current eBay value (if you could find one),
    age (25)
    Golden Deamon Gold

    I’d be thinking that there are collectors out there who would pay so consider £500 a potential starting point.
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    I was offered £250 for my bronze demon winning command group from 2016. Didn’t sell it.

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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    I was offered £250 for my bronze demon winning command group from 2016. Didn’t sell it.
    understandable, it would be like 50GBP per figure and the paint quality is a lot higher than that.
    Based on most commission prices (150GBP/figure to a somewhat worse level) about 1000GBP would be the minimum if not taking the bronze into account (some may or may not care about that). Of course only if you find a collector willing to buy them otherwise their worth is the most someone is willing to pay.
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