Recently picked up a shrink-wrapped Flesh Golem off of eBay and an Hydra from Miniature Market and both are missing the cards. Can't say for the eBay seller, but Miniature Market said they got their stock from Asmodee and these figures weren't supplied with cards. Based on a Google search, I know there are six Hydra cards, but no idea where I could get them from. Years ago, I bought a Dirz Wyrm from CMoN, the cards were missing too, but got them after contacting customer service. Would they still have any spares? If not, where could I find cards for the Flesh Golem and Hydra? Anyone got any spares to sell?

I might've forgotten about it, but anyone know why the extra bits in this pic, aside from the Mid Nor head and tentacles, weren't included in the Legacy range? Were there any plans to release them separately later? I like the horned helmeted head and the open palm would've been really useful, for a right handed Golem, to complement the left handed and ambidextrous ones.

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