New to minatures painting and need some help
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Thread: New to minatures painting and need some help

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    Default New to minatures painting and need some help

    Hi guys

    Im new here and new to minature painting also. I have spent the last 15 years building a model railroad but have been bit by the minature painting bug.

    I am painting some WWII figures and am running into a problem. I'm using Vallejo game colour paints off a wet palette and am getting small bubbles when putting paint to the model? Is this from thinning the paints too much? for the life of me can't get a nice consistent thickness and seems like it's either too thick or way too thin. I have tried using a toothpick to add a drop of water then mixing and have also tried adding water to the paint with the brush but still can't get it right

    any help would be much appreciated


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    Sounds like you are aerating the paint, or if it's solid flecks, you will need to strain the paint. Pics?

    I paint it straight out the bottle, with a lot of weybkending, but it may not be to your style.
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    I'd say it is from too much thinning. Could you try thinning it with a thinner/glaze/matt medium on the wet-palette to see if it is any different.

    Had similar experience many years ago with VGC, one of the many reasons I don't like the game color range. Properly thinned their properties are weird compared to other paint lines or even to the VMC/VAC lines.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks guys

    i think I had the paint way too thin. I didn't add as much water and it seems to help

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