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    Since the dragons have flight and can ignore units when moving, does that mean that a dragon can retreat through an enemy?

    Can the card "Hit and Run" be used to charge someone with a dragon, then retreat through that unit to end up on the other side of it?

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    no, you can only retreat sideways and backwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBatman View Post
    no, you can only retreat sideways and backwards.
    This is incorrect statement, even if the answer is correct. This was changed at some point, so also forward retreat is allowed under certain special cases.

    When a Combat Unit performs a Retreat action, you first roll a D6. The Combat Unit may then move up to its Speed Stat + the result of the D6 backwards or sideways (or forward, if enemies are engaging from the Flank or Rear) in a straight line (this is a rare case where a tray can be moved sideways or backwards without changing its facing). Once this move is completed, the unit may then pivot to any facing

    So in above very exact scenario, I would rule you cannot: you can only retreat forward if "enemies are engaging from the Flank or Rear". In your example, that rule does not fulfill, the enemy you charged would end up in Unit's front side.
    Then it becomes a matter of sematics, if your charge actually multi-engaged so, that someone is also in your rear or in flank. I don't want to go there, as it gets a bit fuzzy.

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    But RAW you can retreat above enemy when it charges dragon in flank or in back?...

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