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    Default EaterofLives Kitbash, Sculpt, and Splash

    First off, apologies for making a third thread in here, but I couldn't rename the other one and I thought it needed something more, considering what I'm gearing up to show off in the future. I'm going to start with one of the finished DG possessed. The angle he's at on the base still looks a little off, so I'll likely readjust that before any painting will start, but he's a great example of where I'm heading with the project. Following that will be paintjobs that are pretty much finished, minus some touch ups and tweaking. I hope you all enjoy, and can give me some solid opinions. This will be my WIP thread from now on, and the other projects will be shared here.

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    Ok, so you've seen a model that I haven't finished painting, so now I'll introduce a few that I have. This one I was really happy with when I first finished it, because it was probably the first mini I painted in close to 10 years. It still didn't end up as dark and gloomy as I wanted it to be, so after some inspiration from these forums, I'm going to go back and rework some of the mini. I also have Kolinsky brushes, as opposed to the old Citadel brushes I had been using. All the following minis were with the old brushes.

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    This next one was very shortly after the first, and was once the Captain from the Dark Vengeance boxed game. A lot of sculpting went on here, and some of the stuff I learned from youtube videos, also one of my first attempts at sculpting in almost 20 years. The clay shapers and other tools helped turn the tide, and help me get better. I'm not crazy about this paint job, but a lot of it was experimenting when I was just jumping back in.

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    The last one for today has some minor sculpting going on, and is the first of my Nightlords to get paint. Now that I have better brushes, I'm going to be going back in at some point, and reworking details particularly the lightning.

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    I think I'll leave it at that for today. I have much much more on the way, as I have far more WIP than finished projects. Working on trying to consistently finish one project at a time, but I may have to settle with two or three at a time. Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the work to come. The tips for taking the pictures were golden, and much better than the previous threads, so that's how I'll present most of the work, particularly the painting. I know I have some work to do on the basing for these, but it'll get there. Next to come will be a couple of my Sylthach Aeldari, a clan of Saim Hann that was severed from their Craftworld during a DG attack, and they fell to the corruption of Nurgle. I'll also be posting some of my Orkies and their Trukks soon. Cheers!

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    Good golly miss Molly!!! I need to dust these off before I shoot them next time, lol.

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    Very nurgly, I love it!

    Quote Originally Posted by EaterofLives View Post
    Good golly miss Molly!!! I need to dust these off before I shoot them next time, lol.
    lol, we recently got kittens, and I have started to notice little hairs *everywhere*
    They are so hard to spot with the eye, but point a camera at them and wham there they are.

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    First of all: Nurgle!! Good choice :-)
    Second: You're doing lovely conversions - I like that!

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    @Gorb: Thanks, I'll pay more attention next time. I was a little more concerned with the lighting and the background working for the shots, as it was the first time taking pics like this using information from this forum. lol
    @Graishak: Thanks man, I'm obsessed with Nurgle at the moment. I've always been obsessed with conversions, so almost every model in my army will be special in some sort of way. I'll be posting more very soon, like my Sylthach after my appointment. (Aeldari infected by Nurgle)
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    Grandfather Nurgle has been busy! So next up is a Guardian, from the plagued clan Sylthach, once of the Craftworld Saim-Hann. The lore tells tale of ships being set upon by mysterious insectoid hybrids, not long after the Craftworld's Ghost Warriors blew that portion of the Craftworld off (they were under attack by the Death Guard and daemons of Nurgle) and let it to its fate. This was my first interpretation, using some of my Aeldari force. My Aeldari is my second army, and the largest, even larger if fielded as Ynarri. Also the only one that is almost completely painted, but more for play and less for show. That will change at some point, but for now I took some of the unpainted portions to dedicate to this side project.

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    After that, I decided to take a swing at converting a Warlock. Considering you can't field them one per unit any longer, it wasn't hard to spare one. I had imagined that they would be more heavily affected by the warp and Nurgle's influence, so this one is more physically altered. Needs base work and touch-ups, but it was more of an experiment in making a vision start to take shape. If you look at the back of the cloak, you can see where I tried to paint over a failed rune that stands for outcast. Going to sand that down and rework it, eventually.

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    Needless to say, given my kitbashing, sculpting, and converting... there will be future re-imaginings of this project. These were part of the groundwork, and being they were Saim-Hann, of course there is a jetbike among the first few I started converting. That piece requires more conversion work, and retooling of the rider, before I can hit it with paint, but I will show you all where I'm at on that one. The rest of the models currently dedicated to the project will be similar to these, but the future is bright. Let's say... in the form of a Guardian/Genestealer kitbash?

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    @Fligg: The start of this post is the first finished conversion. I'll start painting him the next few days, and post progress. This will be my WIP thread from now on. A few finished models are here as well, even though they could use a little more work.

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    The model looks cool so far. Seems like you have put him into a pose where he is preparing to jump off that surface. Possessed have such crazy-looking appendages, so ungainly. It almost seems like they would topple over from the size of their weapons.

    Just a thought: Have you considered scraping off some of the more ostensible mold lines? Not everyone cares about mold lines, and I understand why, but I often feel like scraping them away helps to sell the illusion better. You can do so easily with the edge of a modelling knife - unless they're in a hard to reach place, in which case they are likely not easily visible anyway.

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    @Fligg: That's usually one of the last things I do before painting, and I'll usually lightly file them off. I always keep a sharp blade on my hobby knife, so it really doesn't take much to slip a little and cut into the model. Most of the possessed are set in more aggressive poses, to look like they're running or about to lunge. I made a slight misinterpretation on this first one, and cocked his head just slightly too far down. At this scale, a mm is all the difference, so I had to adjust his pose with the base, as I had already sculpted the neck. Once I got him on this base, the angle was a little off in the other direction, making it look like he was about to jump straight up while looking forward. I removed the plasticard and shaved down the debris, so now he's at the proper angle. Going to pick up some texture paint this morning, and start working on the paint job tonight. I found a box of PM that hit ebay, and snagged them before anyone else could, so the rest of the unit will get some love when that arrives. So hopefully by the end of this month, I can post the full 10 man unit finished. Also going to squeeze in a mini for a competition, challenging painters to paint in the old rogue trader style, with all the bright colors. I found an old Wyche model from 3rd edition that I'm going to use. There will be progress pics of that as well.

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    Ok, so more progress on the Plague Possessed, with the basecoat and washes. The mini itself is nearly finished, and I'll be finishing the work on the base today, as well as a little fine tuning on the mini itself. I have a dragon to draw for a client, then I'll be able to put the finishing touches down. Also, my PM kit came in yesterday, so construction finished on the other initial 4, and I have parts grouped for the remaining 5. Pics of them tomorrow, with the first one finished.

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    Now, for another little tidbit... This is one of the first builds on a Night Lords Plaguemarine. They're going to be simple kitbashes, which would make fine for imposing Night Lords, but the gear and mutations will identify them as Plaguemarines. I'm very eager to slap some paint on this guy, so the vision can really start to come to life.

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    I hope you all enjoy the little previews of things to come. Any tips and criticism are always welcome.

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    Did you already play around with the recently released contrast colours from GW?
    I can strongly recommend. Especially the "Plaguebearer Flesh" ;-)

    Your Kitbashes look good. I always appreciate seeing deviations from the "standard". Creating uniqueness is one of the big advantages of this hobby.

    One tip for the copper. Using "Soter Green" (former Hawk Turquoise) will give it a nice corrosive look. Give it a try ^^

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    @Graishak I used Nihilahk Oxide and Typhus Corrosion to get the corrosive look I was going for. Working on the base after lunch, and a little Nurgle's Rot for the finishing touches. Pics should be posted at some point tonight. I'll have to give the contrasts a try. I've heard good things, but have yet to mess around with them. There will be a ton of kitbashing coming from this thread, as the ideas are constantly flowing. The next month or two will see these units come to a finish, with more similar projects planned for later this year and early next year. Following my narrative, I will be sculpting the Gestalt Demon the Eater of Lives, doing a conversion on the Mortarian kit to make a Demon Prince to lead these Night Lords. I'm also going to convert Abbadon to serve as his second in command, and a heavy kitbash involving Space Wolves, Night Lords, and Khorne Berzerkers, with some AoS chaos likely, to really add character to the army. The narrative will eventually be posted in the 40k stuff on the forum, when the writing is complete. I'll get the "PLaguebearer Flesh" this weekend, and try it out on my other Plague Possessed. I also have a kit of Plaguebearers to build, but *gritting teeth* one thing at a time... or two... at least two, lol.

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    So these are final shots of the Plague Possessed. I may still play around with it a little, but it's basically done. Also probably going to drill a hole in the tube on the base, and make it more like a pipe.

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    Was meaning to post this a couple days ago, but here is the Night Lord Plague Marine with paint. Still want to tool around with him a bit, and I realized when I got him home, I missed a couple maggots at his feet, lol.

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    Can't wait to put paint on the rest, but I need to finish the Possessed and slap some paint on troops first.

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    @gorb: Thanks. I'm still playing around with different color schemes and looks. I have a long way to go, before I'll be satisfied. It'll come with more practice. I've only painted about 10 minis since starting back up, so I'd say it's a good start. I think I can do better, and there's plenty of inspirational work here.

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