Can anyone identify this miniature?
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Thread: Can anyone identify this miniature?

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    Default Can anyone identify this miniature?

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    Hi, everyone, I was hoping to get an ID on this mini, and this seemed like the best place to do it.

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    Hmmm... That's a tough one for me. My first thought was that it might be from that discontinued Void game by i-kore, but I'm not seeing anything on the Googles that matches her.

    Could you add a picture of the reverse side? Is there any writing on the slotta?


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    looks like some judge dredd figure from early GW.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    First clue is that it's a slot based mini. That narrows it down a little. It's too good to be an early Citadel. Neither the old Dredd, nor the old Rogue Traders are that crisp. The only other Citadel/GW line that could have came from is Necromunda, and specifically the 1st Ed. But it's not a 1st Ed. Necromunda. I checked on Stuff of Legends, and I came up empty. All in all, I don't think it's a Citadel/Games Workshop.

    I initially thought it was a Grenadier Future Warriors, but there's nothing resembling that on EM4, Moonraker, or any of the other places where those are still sold.

    The legs and pistol look like a Void or Urban Mammoth, just like Kendarus noticed. But I browsed through the Scotia Grendel catalog, and nothing seems to match that.

    The whole bare midriff and legs remind me of Excalibur out of Germany. They employ slottas. But I checked their catalog and came up empty.

    It could be a Cobalt-1 (I think the later ones were produced in slotta form). But I don't have much complete information on their range.

    But my hunch (and it's just a hunch) is that it's an old Mutant Chronicles miniature. I was a bit reluctant at first, because the clips on their pistols are typically not that chunky. But they produced a TON of sculpts for that range, a lot of which came in the mid-90's, before the internet was really a thing.

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    Reverse side says (c) 2000 DBG

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    @Ogremarco - The DBG was super helpful! She's from Demonblade Games. The figure is called Magdelena Dux from the Shock Force line.

    She's about halfway down the page here:

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    Thank you! That's fantastic!

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