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    Default Battle report: DRAGONS!

    Hi guys,
    quick battle report about Starks vs. Targaryen (with proxy dragons).
    Faction: Stark
    Commander: Howland Reed
    • Stark Sworn Swords (5)
    Meera Reed - Cunning Trapper (1)
    • Crannogman Trackers (5)
    • Stark Sworn Swords (5)
    Bran and Hodor - Protector and Ward (2)
    • Summer (0)
    • House Umber Berserkers (7)
    Robb Stark - The Young Wolf (3)
    • Greywind (0)
    • House Bolton Cutthroats (5)
    Rickon Stark - Prince of Winterfell (1)
    Osha - Spearwife Guardian (0)
    • Shaggydog (0)

    Non Combat Units
    • Howland Reed (0)
    • Sansa Stark (3)
    • Arya Stark (3)

    Faction: Targaryen
    Commander: Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons

    Combat Units
    • Unsullied Pikemen (9)
    Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons (0)
    • Drogon (7)
    • Rhaegal (7)
    • Viserion (7)
    • Jorah Mormont - The Wandering Knight (3)

    Non Combat Units
    • Illyrio Mopatis (3)
    • Tycho Nestoris (4)
    I tried to tailor the Stark list against dragons (few token or panic shenanigans, no tanks but a lot of activations, auto hits/wounds), as was agreed. We played two games with standard set up but no objectives!
    In the first game the Targaryen’s two-shot pretty fast my 10p Robb canon, but had bad luck with the charges (no swift retreat). I could focus the dragons in different engagements and Howlands “1W6+2 hit” card killed two of. The game was over before even one Targaryen-Attack-Tactic-Card or Illyrios ability was played.

    Since we were both unsatisfied with the results of the first game, we tried a second.

    Targaryen’s were blobbing (yeah, objectives could have punished it) and I had a little bad luck with the cards. In the middle of the third round I have lost all but two units and conceded, the opposite army had 4 wounds in total (but had used Illyrio and Tycho).

    Thoughts about dragons: I am an experienced Stark player and love the flexibility and nearly unmatched mobility. Yeah the dragons taught me how it feels from the enemies’ perspective. Basically every unit is a two hit, with an attack of W3+3 wounds and the panic test with -2, you cannot prevent damage or reroll anything. With the zone/tactic cards/Illyrios ability they can attack quite often, Tycho and Danys “1 wound for every 2 hits” tactic card there is sufficient fail save. It is possible to kill them fast (harder without panic), but for the cost of 7 points the balancing does seems of. They deal unpreventable auto wounds, negate 2 of 3 tokens, never suffers panic and ignore terrain… it’s like they play another game. We discussed other factions or commanders with different play styles, a lot of them look useless against them.

    I know that they are not jet released and that balancing is difficult (objective-play and more games will bring clarity) and not always obvious.

    I would gladly hear your opinions

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    I play tested both dragons and mammoths and both seem to be slightly of.

    What I m still hoping, if I read/heard correctly, is that Shinall somewhere said that they should be played when they are actually released. So am not sure if there will be a rulebook update that changes what now seems of into decent.
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