Hi guys,
quick battle report about Nights Watch vs. Targaryen (with proxy dragons).


Faction: Nights Watch
Commander: Jon Snow - 998th Lord Commander
Points: 40 / 40
Activations: 8

Combat Units
• Sworn Brothers (7)
Jon Snow - 998th Lord Commander (0)
• Ghost (0)
• Ranger Trackers (6)
Watch Marshal (2)
• Watch Marshal (3)
• Builder Crossbowmen (7)
• Ranger Hunters (8)

Non Combat Units
• Lord Varys (4)
• Craster (3)


Faction: Targaryen
Commander: Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons
Points: 40 / 40
Activations: 7

Combat Units
• House Bolton Bastard's Girls (7)
Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of Dragons (0)
• Drogon (7)
• Rhaegal (7)
• Viserion (7)

Non Combat Units
• Illyrio Mopatis (3)
• Tycho Nestoris (4)
• Walder Frey (5)

This time I played the dragons vs. their owner (who played Nights Watch). We had the 3 victory tokens (with cards, but they weren't that important) in the middle, I put the dragons dispersed, hoping he would do the same with his army (he did). He tried a lot of ranged units, knowing Walder is coming there was a Varys.
Going first I had a lot of cards, with Dany ability all of her special cards. But playing Targaryen’s for the first time, I was too eager with the bastard girls. Having the activation advantage, he focused them with the Ranger Trackers, two attacks and one nice panic test (4 wounds with 5 moral) later my lady was alone (just 1 model left).

Later in the second round Tychio helped her out, the Ranger Trackers were fried and bitten, fast as they are I have concentrated the dragons. Charging first the Marshal and then the Wolf two dragons were behind his army, Dany and the third dragon kept John in his swords at bay (they were bind by token). Varys has blocked Walder every time and the crossbow men could shoot more often than they should. But with every dragon attack, keeping always the letter for me, he had all the condition-tokens in the world. It was a massacre, except at the beginning, there was hardly any hope for the watch.
Nobody had exceptionally luck or made errors. Night Watch hasn’t had much fun, me playing for the first time Targaryen’s more… but the dragons felt a lot like cheating.

Keep safe! Hope to hear opinions and best wishes!