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    Greetings everyone,

    Like the title states, but also additionally. I bought into the game back in kickstarter but have never had a chance to break it out of the box. Coming back home i'd like to be able to do that. I noticed that there is so much more, this is awesome. Yet, I don't know where to start. I would like to give my friends and family many options to play with me but I don't want to have like 5 copies of dice and books etc. What is the best way to have a balanced force for the new armies that would be equal to what came in the kickstarter boxes? Thanks in advance for helping a noob.

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    Hmm, guess I answered my own question in starting to toss together a spreadsheet. There seems to be units that you can only get in the starter sets, so I can't get around that.

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    You can start playing with starter box.
    If you like game you can expand your collection with other starters and expansion boxes.
    Dont hesitate - even starter have huge replayability

    We buy game for miniatures only and it stands on shelf several months. After that we read rules and decide to play just to check other wargame in curiosity
    But we so like it that it soon become our favorite, we create little community in our city (around 10 ppl). We have all factions among community and host events and tournaments.

    "Song of fire" is my favorite wargame in terms of rules.
    I decide to cancel other wargames and play only Song and Warhammer 40k (witch I start in same time).


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