My first miniature based on pixel art image
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Thread: My first miniature based on pixel art image

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    Red face My first miniature based on pixel art image

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    Long story short.. Original image from game Songs of Conquest
    Got inspired to test pixel art and appeared new image with Egg :}

    After some time decided to learn sculpting.
    And there you go.. miniature with egg appeared in real world
    I think i spend too much time, but well.. first time is first and was very interesting to create such small details.

    Too much images, so gallery:
    Process how it was created:

    Used acrylic paints, and i plan to buy varnish. Matte for almost everything and gloss for mushrooms

    Would be nice to hear what you think and maybe some tips to improve speed of making such miniatures.

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    What a lovely idea, I really like how you turned a pixel image into an actual mini. I'm impressed by your skills. Thank you for sharing this.

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