I backed Marvel United on Kickstarter and recently received the core game, and it sucks. The cardboard components are incredibly flimsy, they bowed almost immediately after taking them out of the shrinkwrap. I can't even keep the tokens on the locations or the villain dashboards because they've curled so much. Also, some of the pages in the rulebook were too large and had to be folded over to fit in the box. (I've since trimmed the pages with scissors so they fit.) Shoddy production aside, the game seems to be impossible for 1-2 players. I've played about 20 times solo and 5 times with my wife using all the characters in the core set (all against Red Skull) and we've won exactly twice. I know we're probably dummies, but even by law of averages we should've won more than that. I have several more expansion boxes coming (because I backed the Kickstarter at the highest level) and I have zero desire to play any of them after this. The miniatures look great, but every other aspect of this game is low budget crap.