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    Cool Avoiding shine when photographing

    I wonder if you guys can help me. I'm trying to take a decent photo of a mini I painted recently, but no matter what settings I use, where I put the lights, how strong the lights are or how much matt varnish I apply, I keep getting shine on the hair, which distracts from the painting and obscures details. What could I try? Thank you in advance!

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    You could get some diffusion gel sheets from a photography store (or likely amazon) and cover the lights (you want the something like a frosted colorless one: something like this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...ric_white.html) will help diffuse the light so it isn't as harsh when it hits the mini. Also, how many light sources are you using? Is it just one? If so, maybe try adding a second light on the opposite side and it might help out as well.

    Nice work on the figure!

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    That's useful, thank you. Will try. Am using two led lights.

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