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    Fred, from Demonic Forge. How are you?

    Today, I present my second project "Alzarine, the pride" currently on Kickstarter here :

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Annonce2.jpg 
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ID:	81027

    Illustrator : Nicolas Mtric - Sculptor : Benoit Cauchies

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AlzarineRecadWeb.jpg 
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ID:	81028

    Scale: 1/12. 9cm cm high. Here is a preview of the first print casted by Aurélien Diot / Deep Space Factory-Creation :

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	19.jpg 
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ID:	81029

    You can find during this campaign, the first bust "Lady Gadrielle", a nice elf murderer, still sculpted by Benoit Cauchies and painted by Julien "A la Bonne Peindouille" Reymond.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Gad Boxart.jpg 
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ID:	81030

    I'll see you soon to inform you about the continuation of the campaign
    Fred / Demonic Forge.
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    Hi !

    How are you? This afternoon, a Facebook live painting took place, animated by the Atelier d'Hutif. A very good moment where she answered your questions, but also asked questions about Alzarine and the kickstarter. So it was the occasion for me to drop some info.

    Name:  23 (3).jpg
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    The first one concerns the Kickstarter's deadlines. Initially, I planned to deliver it by April 2021 at the latest. But you will be delivered much earlier. For the majority of you (France, Europe and World), you will be delivered during January. For France, with a bit of luck and organization some of you may receive your packages for Christmas and others just after. For Europe and the World it is clear that this will be impossible for me but as I told you, it will be in January for most of you for sure.

    We also talked about future projects and of course we talked about the next bust in this series. The answer about the next character can be found in Alzarine's presentation text. If you remember, Lady Gadrielle is a murderous elf and one of the girls working in the Bel' Dona, a house of joy run by Alzarine. So if you read Alzarine's presentation text carefully you will have the answer.

    Name:  23 (1).jpg
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    To finish, here is Alzarine after 2 hours of live painting on her face by Hedwige Hoffmann - L'atelier d'Hutif. It was a great atmosphere, a very pleasant moment between chatting and painting brushes. Thanks to you Hedwige!
    Name:  23 (2).jpg
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    If you have any questions, if you are looking for a professional painter, don't hesitate to contact her!
    Facebook : @Hutif (l'Atelier d'Hutif).

    See you soon for more,
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