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    Indeed, yellow isn't the easiest colour to paint. But you're doing great!

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    I shall be avoiding large areas of yellow after this one! lol

    Cheers, though.

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    Looks cool though! The joints in the armor look very nicely shaded.

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    My new brushes arrived a day late, (understandable given the current situation), so will crack on this evening after work

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    Bit more done this morning. Just weapons, gear and backpack to go. Unfortunately have to go to work now.

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    Really nice work on the Imperial Fist figure. That yellow is looking really nice

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    Nice progress! And always annoying if work keeps you away from doing the "real" work ya!
    During these COVID times I'm doing a lot of Home Office... so all my minis sitting on the desk seem to
    be yelling at me, once I'm doing the office stuff ^^

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    Thanks, folks!

    Been a bit tied up and my children will be coming over shortly so it's burger, fries and a game of Talisman.

    Will have him finished this evening. I'm on annual leave all next week so will be doing a lot of mini painting!

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    Nice neat painting. You should be proud of that guy.

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    Not really happy with the sword. Was trying to achieve a kind of stone/ice effect but didn't quite pull it off. Lessons learned.

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    Two new projects on the go. Gandalf the White and a foxy looking Bard.

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    Glad to be home from work. Now my week off begins so time to get painting! I've all kinds of wacky ideas for this bard bouncing around in my head, starting with the black & white streaks in her pink hair. I've no idea where it'll take me so best let the brush do the talking!

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    Best of luck! Any reason you are using a hard palette? Otherwise i'd recommend using a wet one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuentes View Post
    Any reason you are using a hard palette?
    Always have, just what I'm used to.

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    The hair looks good!
    For the wet palette, the first improvement you'll see is that you can stretch your paint further, since it doesn't start drying as soon as it leaves the bottle. Give it a try if you can, I have a feeling you won't go back after

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    I will give it a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemini7673 View Post
    I will give it a try.
    And you won't be disappointed, i'm sure

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    This post will have no subliminal (use a wet palette) text in it. Great (wet palette) job on the (wet palette)... Okay, seriously, great job on the IF marine! And nice start on the Reaper figure, hair looks really cool.

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    Thanks for the compliments.

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