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    Up for commentary & Critique my latest paint job. Alexis Polux. I still have to paint the diorama base, but the character is done. I still have problems with painting faces, especially eyes but here it is anyway.

    I used mostly Vallejo paints, except for the washes which were Citadel. The metallics were the Vallejo Liquid paints which are very good and smooth, although you have to work fast as they dry in seconds. The primer and base coat were airbrushed, the rest hand brushed.

    Oh, and I misspelled his name on the power fist armor. I spelled it with 2 "L"s whne it should have been one.

    Name:  Alexis Polux 4x2 small.jpg
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    Looks good Dude. Nice neat edge highlights too. I would just say maybe a darker wash on the face before the lightest layer would help. Great work though.

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    Here is the diorama base, and the completed model.

    Name:  Alexis Polux Diorama base small.jpg
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    Name:  Alexis Polux Complete small.jpg
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    Good job Dude. You really have the colour popping out nicely.

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    I had painted the diorama based without actually paying too much attention to the model itself, so when I put them together, there was big difference in the base. The copper/brass surface of the diorama base was much brighter and did not match the original, so I had to "dirty it up" a bit to blend it in.

    Name:  Alexis Polux fixed  small.jpg
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    Its come up really well matey. Nice job.

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    Hello Dudemeister, and welcome ! Your work is nice and clean, good job! Since you asked some feedback, I thing you can start by adding more contrast. Try to add more lights by highlighting some edges of the armor with a diluted white, like knee and chest plates. In the same way, you can add more shadows between yellow parts and other areas by adding some red-brown ink washes. It will bring a better visibility of your work.
    About eyes : try to add 2 dots of light grey beside the corners for the white of the eyes, in a way that keep a black dot in the center of the eye.
    I did quick modifications with a picture editor to show what I'm talking about contrasts and eyes (the one on the left is yours and the one on the right is edited) :

    Name:  quickedit.jpg
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    I hope this will be usefull .

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    Thank you, yes it is helpful.

    Regarding highlights, I was never a big fan of it, I did do some, using the dry brushing, but not the light source type like the ones you showed. I might try it. As for additional shadows, I though it was already too dark, but I'll try it on the next model.

    The idea of doing the eyes as you suggested is brilliant. In the past I would always put the white down and then a dot of black, and most of the time I would fail, but I'll try it your way.

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    I agree, very nice and clean job!
    Kallfa's suggestion of adding some darker areas and some lighter areas is great, I think that would make the details pop that little bit more.

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