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    Default Dudemeister's never ending WIP

    Though I'm new here, I've been collecting minis for a while now, and amassed a fairly decent collection of Warhammer minis, and even 3D printed a bunch of them. I previously rough painted a bunch of models by spray painting them but never actually started painting them until a couple of years ago.

    I previously posted a model I recently bought and painted over the Thanksgiving weekend (Imperial Fists Captain Alexis Polux), but There are a few models I started and never finished. So this thread will serve as my work in progress log.

    I currently restarting an older paint job, another ForgeWorld model; Horus Lupercal the Warmaster Primarch. So far the only thing that's finished is the diorama base. This was actually painted a couple of years ago, and then put aside. I may add a few touches to it, but by and large it's done. The new part is Horus himself, which is not an easy one, since he's clad in black armor. I need to read up on how to paint black armor and still show details.

    Name:  Diorama base small.jpg
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    Finally Horus himself is finished. When I was looking around, I found another one here that looks really good, done by a studio that does commissions, but I'm not at that level yet. Still I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

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    I'm not sure it can stand up to high magnification without showing lots of flaws, but since you asked, here it is. But remember that at actual size, these flaws are hard to see.

    Name:  Horus - 001.jpg
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    Name:  Horus - 002.jpg
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    The next project, another Forgeworld model, Magnus the Red. This one is a bit more complicated, so it might take some time. Here is a photo of the assembled model, minus a few pieces (head, blade/staff, etc).

    Name:  Magnus the Red.jpg
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    Nice job ! This is much better with the white of the eyes . Keep up the good work !

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    Yeah, the camera always shows more flaws than I'd like on my minis
    That said, this is a cool piece of work, well done!

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    @Kallfa Thanks, yes, it looks a lot better, but it still needs work (my technique). BTW, loved your Stone Troll.

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    @ Gorb. Thanks. I'm working on improving the technique. I guess practice makes perfect/better really. BTW, I was looking at some of your work on Instagram, and that ork boy on the Akira/Kaneda style brought a big smile on my face. Your dioramas are something else entirely.

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    @ ekipage Thank you. I looked at your WIP thread and it's fun to watch the model progression. While I do take some shots of my progress, I prefer to post photos of the final work.

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    Here is a project progress shot. From basic gold armor over black primer, then the wash, then a couple of photos after adding the details. Of course it has a long way to go, but I thought I'd post the progress.

    Name:  Magnus progression small.jpg
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    mouldlines mouldlines everywhere. (one of the reasons I don't like FW, their castings are terrible)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    I know, but in this particular case, the mould lines were in places that I just couldn't get to without destroying some of the adjoining details, so I just left them alone.

    Besides, at my age I don't have the patience to spend a month cleaning up mould lines.

    Anyway, here is yet another update.

    Name:  Magnus-003 small.jpg
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    So Magnus is now complete. The diorama base needs to be painted, but Magnus is done.

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    Nice composition of colors and clean paint job. It's a shame you don't take time to remove mouldlines, it would greatly improve your work. Before I didn't care too much about that, but now, when I find a mouldline once I started to paint, I feel it like a nightmare. So I take my time to remove everything as much as possible. I didn't like doing this at first, but now I do find it relaxing betwing two painting sessions.

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    I love what you did with the feathers! The whole figure looks great, and that base looks very interesting.

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    Excellent work on both Horus and Magnus.

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    OK, on to the next job, another primarch, Perturabo of the Iron warriors. This one is a pretty impressive model, with the main character standing atop a derelict, half-burried imperial knight.This is going to be fun. Here's a preview of the model build.

    Name:  Perturabo-001sm.jpg
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