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    Look at some of the other primer colors, I know Badger Stynlrez makes a orange-brown one and a yellow that make painting yellow so much easier. I think Vallejo has some similarly colored primers as well. Really nice work on it!

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    "alrightie then"... On the heels of my current comic book characters OCD, and Wolverine specifically, here are 2 new prints, fresh out of the oven...

    80's comics, classic costume Wolverine, and a great looking bust of Logan. The full model has interchangeable heads, masked and unmasked.

    Name:  Wolverine+Logan.jpg
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    Done. Decided against using the unmasked head. It's simply too "pretty" to be Wolverine. I tried to simulate Wolvies hairy arms, but it didn't come out that well, so I stopped before I ruined the whole model. On the other hand, My attempt at doing a marble texture came out OK... I think.

    Name:  Wolverine final small.jpg
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    And the bust is finished as well. I finally got a chance to do a better job on the eyes, which had been my weakness.

    Of course comments and criticism are welcome.

    Name:  Logan Bust small.jpg
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    My son like the Logan bust so I gave it to him, I then printed another and painted it, this time for myself. This one is a bit different, but I think it helped refine some of the process, I used washes and dry brushing more sparingly, while using more layering. It also took less time compared to the first one.

    So what do you think about this version (v2), compared to the first?

    Name:  Logan v2.jpg
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    I think they both look rad. The patina you put on the base of the second one riffs off the blue in his jacket.
    I like the brown/darkblue leather a bit more on the first one, but only because I like that kind of leather look.

    It is hard to tell, but I think you improved on the eyes the second time around.

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    I think so so myself, but In looking at both under magnification, the only real difference is the much smaller white reflection dot. So without much ado, here is an extreme closeup (click to enlarge) with all the warts and flaws. Some like the white dot on the lip on the right model, and the white on the left model eye lid from the reflection, I didn't even notice until I enlarged the image just now.

    Note: The lines in the model on the left, were a print flaw, but they're not that easily obvious on the model itself.

    Name:  Detail.jpg
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    Nice closeups!
    I think the right model's eyes are more consistent. You are missing a bit of that dark outline of the pupil on the left hand model's left eye.
    But they both look great!

    I don't mind the print flaws in the left model. It is only on the model's right side, and you could interpret it as Logan just being scarred as hell after the life he has lived. Makes him look grittier!

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    Really eye catching work dude!!!

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    ...continuing my Wolverine OCD...

    Name:  Wolvie OCD-001.jpg
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    The digital art model was done at 1/4 scale, but that would have been a bit tpo big to print, so I printed it at 1/12 scale. So here, Wolverine is about 5.5" tall. An unfortunate byproduct of reducing it was that some of the superfine detail like the leather textures and even the outfit textures were lost or are very faint.

    Here is a photo of what those details would look like if printed at 1/4 scale

    Name:  Wolvie  OCD detail.jpg
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    well, my concerns seem to have been unfounded. The fine textures did not look very sharp on the bare resin, but once I applied a coat of white primer, they came out of hiding. Check out these closeups. Hopefully once I put the paint on, they'll still be there.

    Attachment 82205
    Name:  Wolvie_OCD-Detailed textures_small.jpg
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    Damn, that came out nice! If the rest of your painting is anything to go by I'm sure you'll do him justice.

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    Looks awesome! I think the reason the details don't show up in the resin is because it is semi-translucent, so the details are obscured by light bleeding through everywhere.
    The primed model looks great!

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    Nice work on the recent busts and looks like you got the hang of 3d printing those look sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Nice work on the recent busts and looks like you got the hang of 3d printing those look sweet!
    If you think that's cool, check out what I'm currently working on:

    Name:  hulkbuster-001.jpg
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    I added the Warhammer mini for size reference.

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    Ok, so here's an update to the big monster I'm working on. All the parts are printed except for the diorama base, which is huge. Still trying to figure that part out. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find the right colors to paint this bad boy. Originally I though it was candy apple red, but After I tried it, it was just too bright. Some folk have use Dark Cherry Red, but those are automotive colors and may be a bit thick for this. I ordered a can to test it. We'll see how it goes.

    Name:  Hulkbuster-Ironman-001.jpg
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    Nice work. Your painting is very nice. Love the 3D printing route of the most recent minis. Can’t wait to see some paint on Iron Man.

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    Holy cow, that is rather a large "mini".

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    Let's just call it a "Maxi". It's one my biggest prints to date. Previously I had done a Warhammer 40K Imperial Knight at 150% the size of the GamesWorkshop models, and a large scale (about 1:7 scale War Machine diorama. But the Hulkbuster is the largest by sheer volume.

    I posted about the Imperial Knight here : http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ghlight=knight

    Here is an image of the Warmachine print

    Name:  War Machine.jpg
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