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    Nice work about Magnus! I like the different tones you used to paint the base, it shows off the character. The final rendering is very colorful, good job!
    And good luck for your next project, this mini seems rather complicated to paint.

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    I thought I'd take a break from the Warhammer stuff and do something different, so yesterday I 3D printed the busts of some iconinc comic book characters: Judge Dredd, Deadpool and Superman. These minis are about 3" tall, and so far Dredd is the only one that's got his makeup on. Deadpool and Superman are waiting their turn.

    Name:  Dredd-001 small.jpg
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    Nice work on Dredd! "I am the law!" :-)

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    Thanks. I did a bit more work on the base and the helmet (made it a bit more glossy) and a little cleanup .

    Name:  Dredd-003 small.jpg
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    This model, along with others were designed by a guy named David Eastman. You can download this, and other works from the link below:


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    Cool stuff you have here. II like your judge Dredd paintjob. I have him printed and primed, looking forward to getting to him one day.

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    Awesome Dredd bust!

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    Since I posted Dredd, I bought a new 3D printer and ran a whole bunch of prints, including a few more busts. Here is the latest print job. I was going for a wood carve look, but It's not that good, but I do like the way Cap' came out.

    Name:  Cap' America.jpg
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    Cool idea for painting the Cap! Bust looks pretty good, only recommendation would be to try to sand down the printer lines (although I can only see ones in the star on his chest). One other thing that would help is some shading and highlighting on it but other than that good job.

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    Here is another bust, one of my favorite characters, Deadpool.

    Name:  Deadpool small.jpg
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    Default Speaking of Deadpool....

    I just found this model on the web, and I think it's got to be one of my all time faves.

    Name:  deadpool vs wolverine small.jpg
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    It doesn't get any more iconic than this constant rivalry.

    Here is the model fresh out of the printer

    Name:  Wolverine & Deadpool wet.jpg
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    And here it is dried and mostly cleaned up, awaiting it paint coat.

    Name:  Wolverine & Deadpool cleaned up.jpg
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    Cool little fight dio there. Can't wait to see you slap some paint on this

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    Fight? What fight, they're just hugging it out.

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    Usually I start painting the characters, then the diorama/base. This time around I switched things around. I think it came out pretty good.

    Name:  deadpool vs wolverine base small.jpg
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    That's great sculpt and a crispy print to boot. Base painting looking nice too.

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    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    So, I was having a hell of a time trying to paint Wolvie and Deadpool, I just couldn't get my paintbrush in between the 2 to get a decent layer of paint, and then there were a lot of accidental paint spots in wrong areas that needed to be fixed, and with each layer I was loosing some of the subtle details like the textures of the costumes. Here is what it looks like . Not happy with it, so I'm not sure I'm going to continue painting this one.

    Name:  1st attempt.jpg
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    But, I separated the 2 models, and printed them in a few parts, so now I can finally paint each one separately and hopefully do a better job.

    Name:  reprint.jpg
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    Looking forward to where this is going, the start you've got on the base is solid!

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    So, a quick work in progress update. Painting each one separately makes a world of difference. On the other hand, getting a solid layer of yellow using Vallejo paints is next to impossible. Using and airbrush I first applied a couple of layers of their "Extra Opaque" Heavy Ochre, which is the closest thing to a high-pigment yellow they have, then put on at least 5 coats of their Sun Yellow, yet on the raised areas it was still showing some of the black primer. The blue and flesh tones are pretty good, they go on smooth and opaque with only a few thin layers, but I'm really beginning to hate the yellow.

    Still working on Deadpool, but he's coming along fine. The Vallejo Heavy red is pretty good, and dry brushing a lighter red (Bloody Red) worked well. Here's a shot of the work in progress.

    Name:  Wolverine & Deadpool WIP-005sm.jpg
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    Finished... well almost. I can't find the piece of blade that's supposed to stick through Wolverine's arm, and I'm not going to start the printer just to print that tiny piece. Next time I print something else, I'll print it and glue it place. other than that, it's done.

    Name:  deadpool vs wolverine final small.jpg
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