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    Question Need advice please

    I'm currently painting the Marvel United minis for a customer, and had a question about the color.
    In the photo, there's a slim blue-ish highlight to one side of some of the characters.
    I'll provide a photo and a link to the pic.

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    Marvel United by CMON » Behold these Painted Marvels! — Kickstarter

    I don't know if this is a painting, or a photo of the actual figurine.
    Very well done if it's a photo of the actual painted piece !

    The client wanted the blue highlight to be included, like the figurine painted by Ruben Martinez.
    I've watched the YT vids and tbh I didn't see him add the blue highlight.
    Maybe it was included later ?
    Which is fine.

    But will it look like an 'odd' color was added ?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Sorry I don't know why this pic. posted twice.
    Tried to resize it smaller.
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    it looks like a painted figure, not a CG.

    I searched for the mentioned video, took some time. In the 4th part I see him adding the blue lights to the left side with an AB. (after around 20:00), Expanded more on it in part 6 (title of the episode is: blue ambiance - final touches).

    To be honest while it looks great on photos from 1 specific direction it's not that great from all other viewing angles. And yes, viewing it from other angles will look weird.
    To be honest most NMM and OSL has this problem, look great on photo (and with that on cmon/insta/fb/whatever), but live... rarely.
    Because of this your client might be dissapointed at the end, so ask the client again if it 100% needed. (maybe show a pic or 2 from the end of the 6th painting video that shows the left side only of the mini.
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    MAXxxx; thank you so much for your reply and the time to find the part with the added blue highlights !
    I'm going to email the customer and see if they want this or not.
    I'll also direct them to check out the Big Child Creatives tutorial video, as well so they can see the final product and decide from there.

    The last game I'd painted was Stuffed Fables and the customer was happy with the final product --- I depicted only the photos on the box and insert illustrations, and finished with a matte clear coating to preserve it.

    Thanks again !

    In case anyone else would like to view the tutorials, I'll include the link below:

    (Sorry I didn't do that before-- I was looking for a "Big child creative" (by artist Ruben Martinez) video on YT solely made for the individual characters like Captain Marvel.
    But the main vids cover the characters as a series.)

    How to paint #bigchildchibi with Ruben Martinez "RMA" - part 04 - YouTube

    How to paint #bigchildchibi with Ruben Martinez "RMA" - part 06 - YouTube
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