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    Default Rackham demon tower wip

    Hi all,

    I have had this mini for about 15 years and never dared to paint it because i really liked it and didn’t want to mess it up.
    But i finally dicided that it was time to tackle it and see where it brings me.
    Feedback is highly appreciated.
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    great mini, especially like the verdigris on the blade
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Hi and welcome.

    Nice mini indeed.

    I would add mat varnish on the brick parts, apart that, it looks really cool.

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    Thanks. I wasnt sure if it would sell the verdigris effect. I am glad it did.

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    Thanks. Matf varnish to get rid of the shininess? Sorry i am quite new to miniature painting

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    It looks great! I like the blade too.
    Overall the paint job is great, and I like the highlights you places everywhere, looks very cool!

    Yes, matt varnish will knock shine off things, just be careful with metals (it makes them look dull).
    Rather use a satin varnish, that will dull down most things while leaving the metals shiny.

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    Thanks. I dont think i will cover it entirely in varnsh, but the stones do look a bit to shiny. Or is this needed to cover everything in varnish in your opinion?

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    A bit more progress
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    Great mini, liking the colour tones you're chosen for it.
    Looks like part of a chess game?

    A bit more contrast on the roof tiles would pep it up.

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    Thanks. That would be an awesome board if it could be filled with pieces like this. It would also weigh a ton
    Thanks for the feedback

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    I'm a little late, welcome! This is very nice, I like the weathering on the metalic areas. The green metal corrosion effect fits well with the orange bricks.

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    Nice work! The final piece looks very cool, lots of interesting details.

    Quote Originally Posted by woutkabout View Post
    Thanks. I dont think i will cover it entirely in varnsh, but the stones do look a bit to shiny. Or is this needed to cover everything in varnish in your opinion?
    So people usually put varnish on minis to protect the paint job, especially for pieces that will receive a lot of handling during games. In these cases, a satin or gloss varnish works best, since they are harder than a matte varnish.

    But for display pieces, there is no real need for protection. Sometimes a varnish can be used to "tie together" parts of a piece, where the different inks/paints used may have different finishes (shininess).
    Coating these different colors with a varnish will give them the same finish, and unify them.

    And varnish can give an interesting effect by itself too: I usually coat eyes, lenses and gems with clear gloss varnish, this makes them look extra shiny and (in the case of eyeballs) wet,
    whereas a matte varnish can really enhance a bone color.
    Having one part of a model shiny, while other parts are matt is a way to add contrast to your models.
    See this excellent article by BloodAsMedium (on St. Toad's site) for more examples:

    Have fun and play with it!

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    Thank you very much guys.
    I will look into and play with different varnishes. Thanks for the link

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