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    I'm just curious but do anyone know if CMON "only" have a license on the main series or could they produce stuff on other material, like "Dunk and Egg" and "Fire and Blood" set in Westeros as more material is released?

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    Sorry for the double post, but one of the reasons is that I wonder if CMON will be able to keep riding the hype as new Westeros stuff is release in both written and cinematic forms. Like for example the "House of the Dragon" prequal to the "Game of Thrones" series.

    And personally I would love to be able to fight the Blackfyre Rebellion, or Dance of the Dragons for that matter, in miniature game form.

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    This license that CMON has is for the books only, and the time period for the game has been set as after Robert's death (and Lady's as well).

    I don't believe there's been any official word on whether the written work outside the five primary books are covered in the license, and I don't recall whether there's been any hints to expanding either before or after the current time period at the moment.

    For reference, here's the earliest article I could find announcing the license:
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    Sad to see but thanks for the info. And let's hope that the timeline could be expanded at some point.

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    @Gurkhal That doesn't mean you can't do it. Once you play the game enough, get froggy and make up the new armies/units yourself. Have others playtest them and bada boom bada bing.

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    I could make it myself but I would need to fond minus about the right scale to not make them stand out in a bad way.

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