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    After seeing Blackadder's awesome walking cathedral, I though I'd post my attempt at making a Warhammer model from scratch. Technically, it wasn't from scratch, I bought a Games Workshop Imperial knight and then measured and replicated every piece in 3D CAD (Solidworks specifically).

    It took a while to do the model, but I learned a lot during the process. Here are a few in progress images of the CAD model:

    Name:  Imperial Knight Paladin - 004.jpg
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    And here is a fully decaled render of the model after I changed the color to red

    Name:  IMperial knight Render - red small.jpg
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    Coming up, the actual build. 3D printing fitting and final result
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    OK, so when it came time to build it, I used my FormLabs Form 1+ printer to print all the parts. Since this is fully articulated, I had this idea of using magnets to hold joints together in some places and just friction fit in others.

    The problem was that due to the size and weight, these joints were not able to support the upper body, so I ended up using set screws to lock the joints in place after I selected the pose. The model is 150% larger than the Games Workshop model and even though a lot of parts are hollow, it's heavy! It weighs in at about 4lbs.

    Here is a work in progress collage

    Name:  Imperial Knight-020.jpg
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    Here is a comparison shot with the actual Games Workshop model

    Name:  size comparison.jpg
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    And the final model painted and set on it's display stand

    Name:  Imperial Knight Diorama small.jpg
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    Impressive work. Looks gorgeous once painted!

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    Wow, that's amazing!

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