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    Default Brainstorm for New armys!

    What do you Guys think will be the next army to be released and what feature do you think/Hope they will bring to the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Badger View Post
    What do you Guys think will be the next army to be released and what feature do you think/Hope they will bring to the game?
    I'm guessing the next two are Greyjoy and Martell. But I hope they take their time with it, all the current factions need some love on the supply chain side.

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    I actually think we just have Greyjoys and a couple of neutral releases like maybe the Brotherhood Without Banners left. Martells don't have enough written about them in the books, we won't likely see the Others, and though the Targaryens were an off-kilter choice for the War of Five Kings, the Martells certainly were not active participants so I really don't see more than Greyjoys releasing for the foreseeable future.

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    Greyjoys will be the last army. The only other one they could do is slavers which I think they'll avoid. Lots of neutrals coming our way though to wreck the balance, brothers without borders Lady cold heart, golden company, maybe even Martell or the vale as neutrals....unlikey but could happen.
    I agree I'd settle for no new army this year if it meant they can actually make more product for what is already released.

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    So what do you think will be greyjoys "stick" how will a fleet army work on a board?

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    I would have likely pictured them working around some vicious/morale mechanics and elite light infantry. Maybe some "loot token" mechanic sort of like the Dark Eldar's old "power from pain", or else maybe all Greyjoy units have Motivated By Coin/Extra Incentive like abilities that encourage use of the money bags.

    I'm also betting that they'll be rather hard to pin down, with lots of ways to retreat. Swiftstrikes, swift retreats, hit and runs all to represent that sort of "hit them and get back to the boats" sort of fighting style.

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    I think you'll see movement and deployment shenanigans too. Some units that can maneuver before the doce are rolled and some that can come in from flanks. My bet is glass hammers that need to win early or get ground down. If the game isn't locked by turn 4 for them they can go from hero to zero in the last 2 turns.

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    Thinking about this a bit more, here are a few more (totally speculative) ideas for Greyjoys:

    Core infantry pretty similar to Bolton Cutthroats (5+ save, 7+ morale, 3+ to hit with a decent attack pool, maybe 8/6/5?). Likely some form of fear-based mechanic, and maybe centered around Weakened instead of Vulnerable.

    Elite infantry ("Ironborn") probably pretty similar to core infantry, with maybe a bump up to a 4+ save and 6+ morale. Maybe Ironborn can't be Weakened or something similar ("We're Ironborn, we are not slaves, we do not plow the fields or toil in the mines"). Maybe they have the rule that Stannis gives his unit? With that probably comes a hefty price tag, though. At least 7pts, maybe 8.

    Raider-type unit with short ranged attack (throwing axes, maybe? or if not, good 'ole shortbows). Possibly with Nimble, or the same sort of Move/Retreat + Shoot that Crannogmen and Ranger Hunters get.

    Probably gonna see some equivalent of Drowned God fanatics that operate similarly to Poor Fellows/Conscripts.

    They're likely not going to have any cavalry, as to distinguish their mobile playstyle from Starks and Dothraki which both have plenty of mobility but also the option of cavalry as well.

    Generally speaking - like I mentioned in my earlier post, they're probably going to see a lot of retreat-based playstyles. Swift Retreat, Hit and Run, Swiftstrike, Tactical Regroup, etc. I'm betting their core deck and Robb Stark's deck might have a lot in common, with an added couple of either morale/Weakened-based tricks thrown in as well. I'm thinking Greyjoys will prioritize Moneybags and Letters, or maybe Moneybags and Swords/Horses. Other than that, elite light infantry with charge bonuses/bonuses to attacking Weakened units, and an incentive to hit, "steal stuff" (Prey on Fear, maybe?), and get out of there.

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    That sounds cool.
    I thought of a uniq ability that also sort of resembles the play style you Are talking about. Maybe a tactic card or a unit/attachment ability that removes a friendly unit from the table and in the next round can be replaced in a flank table egde fully healed. There would ofc be a trigger like replacing the effect of a zone on the tactic board.
    This would be a cool way of making an army that Are farily "weak" but have to ability to denie VP i another way than insignificant. Because i think that they will have a similar power lvl of freefolk but not the "horde stick" that freefolk have

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    That might be a once per game NCU ability (or perhaps even a "kill NCU to do" one").

    In a similar vein, though, I was thinking it would be interesting if, to represent looting/raiding, either an NCU influence abilitity was "make this unit worth 1 additional VP even if it would otherwise be worth 0", or some commander/tactics card that makes a unit for a turn/round in a similar way.

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    Thats also a great idea! Man i Hope cmon is watching this.
    They gotta have a tactic card thats name what is dead May never die.. What do you think would be the effekt of that card

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    An interesting “theme” for their looting could have an ability/effect/etc that causes the opponent to discard Tactics Cards, or flip cards into their discard pile. Taken to an extreme, maybe they could actually take the card and play it as their own...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Badger View Post
    Thats also a great idea! Man i Hope cmon is watching this.
    They gotta have a tactic card thats name what is dead May never die.. What do you think would be the effekt of that card
    "What is Dead May Never Die" sounds like a card similar to Jon Snow's, the "pass a morale test to not die" one. It might also be some sort of "must fail 2 saves to take 1 wound", or perhaps the unit gains fearless or something for the round. Lots of directions.

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    Greyjoy comfirmed ))

    Cmon was watching this.

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    Yes greyjoys Are confirmed! But will first be released late this year i assume but I cant wait to see some leaks/teases.

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    As mentioned above, I also don't think we'll see new major armies as all the great factions from the War of Five Kings have already been added.

    What I can see is several new neutral forces being added like the House Arryn, the Mountain Clans, House Hightower, several Free Companies like the Golden Company, Second Sons etc., Martell and so on. Not to mention minor houses serving under the great ones that can be added to expand the range.

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