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    Question Help unsticking miniature


    I'm painting my models from Project: ELITE

    While cleaning mould lines from the minis in the kickstarter exclusives box I've just noticed that whoever assembled the figure did a poor job with the head.
    As you can see in the photos the head piece is not fitted all the way in, having the shoulder line sticking over the armor...
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    How can I remove it (so I can co it properly without damaging the model? Does anybody know if for this kind of models they use plastic cement? (the melty one)... superglue...

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    Not an expert on it, but if it is super glue (or any other CA glue) putting it in the freezer should weaken the bond enough that you could twist it off, however if there are other parts glues it is also going to weaken those joins. If it is plastic cement, it is possible that white vinegar or goo gone might weaken it enough that you could pull it apart but not completely sure it will work. Also you might be able to tell which glue it is (since they probably didn't do the most steady handed job gluing it) as plastic cement should look a little different since it basically melts the plastic so any that might have leaked out or dropped on another part would start to melt the figure. Only other option I can think of is to use a X-acto knife and cut it out and then use some green stuff or miliput to fill in any gaps you might create. Maybe others might have a better suggestion though so if you aren't in a hurry wait to see if anyone else replies with a better method

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    Just realized this was a CMON game. You may want to try to contact them directly and see if they will tell you what the material is

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