Can you help identify these figures please
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Thread: Can you help identify these figures please

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    Wink Can you help identify these figures please

    Ive had these 2 for a little while and i have completely forgotten what one of these was and its driving me bonkers trying to remember.

    The one on the left didnt have a tag so ive put him on a square 20mm warhammer base. both figures around 28mm scale

    Any help is much appreciated thankyou
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    Hello! The guy on the left looks like a Ral Partha sculpt... 11-001 Fighters with Swords Sculpted by: Tom Meier & Dennis Mize from their AD&D Player Characters line. Not sure about the pirate-y guy on the right.

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    i found the figure on the right, its from Vampire wars part of the old glory miniatures range

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