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    Cool Sphynxys Malifaux Models

    after i started into the hobby again, for the first time i came in contact with skirmish systems via kill team.
    I have to say, somehow i prefers playing a skirmisher for different reasons.
    1. Not so many minis needed, cause im a very slow painter.
    2. It´s more easy to start a new faction/crew/gang - so more variety.
    3. Less costs in getting a playable army/gang etc.

    Next step for me was malifaux, recommended by a friend and i fell instantly in love with the miniatures and the game by itself.

    So, let me show you my progress here.

    Comments, critics etc. are welcome.



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    Name:  Pandora.jpg
Views: 66
Size:  337.1 KB


    Name:  Poltergeist.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  876.2 KB


    Name:  Candy.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  1.89 MB

    Baby Kade:

    Name:  Baby Kade.jpg
Views: 67
Size:  1.33 MB


    Name:  Sorrow1.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  1.30 MBName:  Sorrow2.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  313.2 KBName:  Sorrow3.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  1.58 MB

    That´s all for now, the whole Pandora Core Box painted - here another crew picture:
    Name:  Crew.jpg
Views: 67
Size:  1.40 MB

    Next will be Teddy, Carver and the Dreamer Crew

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    Lovely vibrant colours mate, awesome work

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    Nice little band. To my mind the baby is the best painted of those.

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    These look super cool Sphynxy! That baby is the most terrifying of the lot.

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