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    Valkryie looks great! I will agree with the others that some decals for stripping or even a couple numbers would make it look better, but that weathering looks great on it. One thing I noticed is it looks like the tail section is almost a little too clean (the two smaller pieces on the left and right sides) and could have used a little bit of your weathering magic on the flat surfaces of those parts. As for the bluing effect from heat, you didn't need to buy colored metals, you could use some glazes or thinned down GW contrast paints (blue, purple, yellow) and brushed that over the metal to get that effect.

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    Hey Eki,

    Thanks for your contribution :-)

    Yeah, I'm definitely in agreement with adding a bit more colour and/or decals to the Valkyrie. If I'm feeling brave one day I may still do that.. Oh and great catch on the tail section, I hadn't even noticed but now you've pointed it out it does look odd and out of place. Ahh.. I didn't know that about the metal effect tbh. I've never done it before, below is my first attempt!
    I've started to work on some Surpressors now, and I'm going with a jungle green look for these. I'm toying with the idea of starting a 40k army (not to play, just to paint) and making a combo of a space marines force done in a forest green scheme, and a supplementary guerilla type force based on imperial guard (maybe use some anvil industry bits or something) with a gritty Vietnam jungle platoon/commando/predator sort of vibe. Anyhoo, here I've concentrated on trying to get the burned metal effect on the barrel and some texture on the leather parts and working on getting a bit of detail into my efforts. I've got the main green scheme down and added scratches and scuffs to the armour. I'm debating whether to rust up the metal parts with rust deposits or just leave them as they are... opinions would be most welcome, as I'm not sure what to do..
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    The heatstained barrel looks great, and the leather is fantastic! Looking forward to that army...

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